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Medicarp AH

1.This product contains Globigen (Special Dried Yolk) and maintain the immune system good.

The Globigen contained in this product is the specially processed dried yolk of egg which is produced by chicken injected the bacteria (killed bacteria) named Aeromonas hydrophila.  The immune effectiveness is confirmed in the National Fisheries University in Shimonoseki Japan.

2.This product is a probiotics food contains the viable bacteria named TOYOSERIN.  TOYOSERIN is the good bacteria applied world widely in animal and fishery feed.  1g of this product contains over 10,000,000 pieces of viable bacteria.

Feature of TOYOSERIN


  • When the viable bacteria evacuated with feces in the water, the TOYOSERIN pullulate eating the feces.
  • Also, when koi do not eat the all food and when the food remain in the water, the TOYOSERIN in the food pullulate and eat and resolve the food.
  • The filter become not to be clogged easily so the maintenance will be more easier.

3.This product contains β-Glucan and more strengthen the immune maintenance effect.  The β-Glucan is made from Black Yeast.  This β-Glucan is used as supplement for human and farm animal.

4.This product also contains Astaxanthin for color enhancer.  Generally, Spirulina was used for color enhancing ingredients for Koi.  This is because Cantaxanthin contained in Spirulina change to Astaxanthin in the Koi body.  But Spirulina as it is bitter taste and affect to the palatability of Koi.  Also, if using only Astaxanthin but Koi has trouble in absorbing the Astaxanthin so recently, it is distantly respected to use in the food.  This product is made by oil coating the Astaxanthin to boost up the absorption of Astaxanthin.  In the recent research, it is understood that the Koi ingest directly the fat and oil as the condition of oil globule.  This product is made by availed of this phenomenon.

5.The food grain diameter is small size (about 3mm).

The reason of small size

  • Can be feed for the Koi from young to adult.
  • Small size and every Koi can get the chance to eat evenly.
  • This product can be mixed in the usual food, so if mix in L or M size food, it is possible to observe the eating situation well.
  • Small grain food is light and there maybe possibility to be remained and enter in the drainage or filter but this product contains the water quality cleanup bacteria (TOYOSERIN).

6.How to feed

2 and half cup of this product for 3 cup of L or M size usual food.

This product is recommendableto use in the early rainy season, early autumn when the water temperature easy changeable.  Also after winter when the Koi get the stress easily.

For Prices :

Item  DescriptionPriceDealer
Medicarp AH for Aeromonas Rp1.000.000 Find Dealer