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    Description :

     ELBAYU for ornamental fish 10% powder ” is a medicinal bath with the active ingredient Nifurstyrenat-Sodium which is very effective against          Columnaris  and Aeromonas that will cause bacterial infections in ornamental fish. Since the active ingredient is quickly absorbed into the fish it shows excellent  results in treating these infections.

Active Ingredients:

100mg Nifurstyrenate / 1g ELBAYU

Range of Application:
Reduces deaths that are caused by nifurstyrenate sensitive bacteria like:

In koi, Funa and goldfish:
• Aeromonas infections ( Ulcers, dropsy, scale infections)
• Columnaris infections ( gill rot, fin rot, mouth rot)

In tropical fish:
• Columnaris

Dissolve per 100 liters of water and bath for so many hours in separate treatment tank

Koi/ Funa/ Goldfish:
Amount 5-10 grams ( equals 0.5-1g active ingredient) Time 4 hours
Amount 1-2 grams ( equals 0.1-0.2g active ingredient) Time 24 hours

Fresh Water Tropical Fish:
Amount 1 gram ( equals 0.1g active ingredient) Time 24 hours

• Reference: ELBAYU ( 10% powder [ for medicinal baths] ) Dosage ( Bath time: 24 hours)

Tank / Pond Capacity Dosage ( in grams)
Koi/ Funa/ Goldfish & Fresh Water Tropical Fish
30ltr 0.3 ~ 0.6 & 0.3
50ltr 0.5 ~ 1 & 0.5
100 ltr 1 ~ 2 & 1
500 ltr 5 ~ 10 & 5
1000 ltr 10 ~ 20 & 10
2500 ltr 25 ~ 50 & 25


Normal Cautions:
1. Dosage and duration of application
2. Reduce duration of treatment to what is necessary, don’ t use for prolonged time.
3. Only use for treatment of the above mentioned conditions

Cautions For User:
1. Wear mouth protection, eye protection, and gloves. Do not touch the substance and don’ t inhale.
2. After application wash your hands well with soap and rinse your mouth with water. This is also important if you touch the powder by accident.

For Animals to be Treated:
1. ELBAYU may only be used for koi, funa, goldfish, and tropical freshwater fish.
2. Don’ t use on sensitive fish like Polypterus and ( ? ? ? ? like cories, plecos, ancistrus…)

B) Other Notes:
1. Safety tests have been conducted on the following fish:
koi, funa, goldfish, platy, guppy, angel fish, gourami ( ? ) .
2. ELBAYU must not be applied directly to the fish nor should they come into direct contact with it.

1. After opening the package it should be used up quickly.
2. Do not reuse the solution
3. Leave the solution for at least a day outside in the sun before discarding.
4. Aquatic plants may die, so please remove them before treatment.
5. In case a filter is used during treatment: do not filter over charcoal or zeolith.
6. The water may become cloudy after treatment, this does not impact the effect.

1. Keep in dark places
2. Keep away from children
3. Keep away from food

For Prices :

Item  DescriptionPriceDealer
  ElBaju 20 x 50gr Rp1.600.000