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  • Color Enchance :

        Astaxanthin makes red redder and vitamin C makes white whiter. These ingredients make a shiny beatuiful body. This food is formulated with the proper quantity astaxanthin.


  • High Digesbility :

          This food is formulated with high quality ingredeients which makes a good digesbility for KOI. Furthermore good digesbility is good for intestine and palatability is very high.


  • Health Food :

       Stress is one of the cause of the disease. This food is enriched with stable " Vitamin C " which reduces stress. This food preotects KOI from a pathogen by an effect of "Seaweed Powder" and " Vitamin C ". Because this pellet  keeps shape for long time in the water, this food doesn't deprave the water quality.



Available bag      : 5 kg & 10 kg


Available size      : M, L

For Prices :

Item  DescriptionPriceDealer
  Yamato 10 Kg Rp725.000 Find Dealer
  Yamato 5 Kg Rp425.000 Find Dealer





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