High protein level probiotics food for gaining bodyweight

High Growth and Brilliant Color

This product is the combined food of High Growth and Effective Color Enhancer.

This product contains high quality fish meal and krill meal and is high growth food to finalize the excellent primary koi shape.

The Astaxanthin contained in this product has an effect of color enhancer to meet every Koi Growth level.

Probiotics Food

This product is the probiotics system strengthen food.  The main purpose of this system is the health maintenance of koi’s bowel.

Probiotics is the useful bacteria (TOYOSERIN).  By containing this good bacteria in the food, this product beat out the bacterial pathogen in the bowel and promote the absorption of nutrition.

Also, the eliminated feces are resolved by this TOYOSERIN.  So, the feces collected in the filter are resolved rapidly and prevent the clogged filter and water condition will not be degraded.

Also, SHORI contains garlic not only to increase the palatability but also to reduce the harmful bacteria affected as natural bactericide.

Most suitable condition

To increase the Koi’s palatability and absorption of the food, this product contains Krill Meal.  This product contains the Vitamin C added to meet the koi growth.  Especially, Heat-Resistant Vitamin C reduces the stress and improves Koi health.  This product strengthens the probiotics system and maintains the health of Koi bowel and increase the nutrition absorption.

Guaranteed Analysis 

Crude Protein (min)


Crude Fat (min)


Crude Fiber (max)


Crude Ash (max)


Phosphorus (min)



Available bag      : 5 kg & 15 kg

Available size      : M, L

For Prices :

Item  DescriptionPriceDealer
  JPD Shori 15 Kg Rp1.750.000 Find Dealer
  JPD Shori 5 Kg Rp  700.000 Find Dealer



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