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Health build up & Color Enhancer Food for Koi

Health build up & bright color tone

In the Japanese aquaculture industry, the development about the ingredients for health control is proceeding to go clear the issue “How to farm the fish without getting disease”.

This product is a premium Koi food aimed at health maintenance and color enhancement.  To protect the Koi from the pathogen and stress, this product contains several special ingredients.  Krill Meal and Astaxhanthin are effective for the color enhancement.

Special Ingredients

The β-Glucan which build up the immune system contained in this product is derived from black yeast (Aureo) and stimulate the lymph cell and macrophage and boost the natural healing capacity for disease.  Also, Glutathione and Heat-Resistant Vitamin C included in Torula Yeast have an antioxidation power which reduces the stress.

This product is much effective to use in the rainy season when the water temperature change significantly which cause the disease easily in the tropical region.

It is also effective to use 30 to 50% of this product mix in the other food usually used.

Keep the White area in the body

Krill Meal contained in this product increase the palatability of the Koi.  The Vitamins are added as the suitable volume for Koi’s growth.  Especially the Heat-Resistant Vitamin C reduces the stress of Koi and build up the health.  Also, Vitamin C is effective to keep the white are of the body.


Guaranteed Analysis                

Crude Protein (min)


Crude Fat (min)


Crude Fiber (max)


Crude Ash (max)


Phosphorus (min)



Available bag      : 5 kg & 15 kg

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