Bubble Bead Filters

Constructed of heavy-duty plastic and food grade fiberglass . it will give dependable fresh or saltwater service for many years. They are well suited for koi ponds and the smaller recirculating system.

  • Provide biological & mechanical filtration

  • Superior solids removal

  • Excellent nitrification

  • Uses low horsepower, low pressure pump

  • Easy to install

  • Patented

  • Closed Filter- Perfect to connect to U.V. light

  • No mechanical parts to wear out

  • Small footprint

  • Weather and salt water resistant

  • Easily backflushed

  • Proven and tested design


For Prices :

Item  DescriptionPriceDealer
  BBF XS4000GR Rp24.000.000 Find Dealer
  BBF XS6000GR Rp27.000.000 Find Dealer
  BBF XS8000GR Rp37.500.000 Find Dealer
  BBF XS10000GR Rp40.000.000 Find Dealer
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